June 9-10, 2021

Virtual Event FAQ

Please note: All session times in the agenda are listed in CEST

We know that you may have questions and uncertainties around attending a virtual conference, so we have developed a list of FAQs below. If your question isn’t answered, or you want more information, please contact us on [email protected]

A virtual conference is a full conference programme run entirely via a virtual platform. You will register as normal, then receive joining instructions where you will be able to:

  • Live stream all sessions
  • Live Q&A with speakers & interactive polls
  • Face-to-Face networking with video meetings
  • Chat function with attendees and sponsors

A virtual conference is NOT a single webinar – it is a 1.5 day agenda + face-to-face networking! 

We are committed to delivering content and networking opportunities as close to the physical event as possible – that means 1.5 days of expert led sessions and numerous opportunities to conduct video calls with attendees.

We do appreciate the natural networking and face-to-face environment is hard to replicate online, therefore we have significantly reduced the delegate fee to $599

Plus, by charging for the event, you are assured to be joined by only those relevant to the industry looking to meet like minded professionals - no time wasters!

Please note: Qualifying airline representatives can still attend the event free of charge, you can view the qualification criteria here.

Firstly, you will need to register for the event and pay the appropriate fees or meet the qualification criteria for a complimentary place. You will be sent joining instructions to use the Brella platform. For the best user experience and usage of the video networking feature, we highly recommend that you join the platform via desktop, using the Google Chrome browser.

The joining instructions will be sent around 3 weeks prior to the event, please contact [email protected] if you have not received any communication around this time.

Once you have joined the Virtual Conference on Brella, you will be able to access all the conference sessions at the click of a button – both for live streams or to watch “on-demand”. No external downloads, no passwords, just Click + Play! Please note: All session times in the agenda are listed in CEST

When you first login to the Virtual Conference you will be asked a series of questions to build your profile. The AI matchmaking machine then provides you with a list of “matched attendees” which you are able to easily arrange a meeting at a time convenient for both of you.

Once a meeting has been created, a chat function becomes available and during your meeting you can easily conduct a video call for a virtual meeting and present your screen for a sales deck.

Click here to view the sponsorship options. 

The platform will open to attendees around 3 weeks before the event. You will be provided with a link to sign up or sign in to your Brella account, depending on whether you have used the platform for a previous event. You can then set up your profile and start networking! Click here to view the Brella tutorial videos.

Click the 'Sponsors/Booths' tab on the left hand side to view the sponsors and exhibitors for the event. Then click on each individual company to view their respective virtual booth.

Here you can view information about the company and learn about the products and services they are offering. You can then contact and arrange a meeting with a representative from that company or you can start a conversation in the booth's public chat.

After each conference session, there will be a short roundtable for attendees to ask any questions about or discuss the content in that session. Click the 'Roundtables' tab on the left hand side after each session and choose the roundtable for the respective topic. There is a maximum of 50 participants per roundtable permitted.

Once inside, you will have video, microphone and chat capability to interact with the participants. Click the Cam icon to turn your camera on and off and click the Mic icon to mute and unmute yourself. By clicking the Chat icon, a chat pop-up window will open where you can post comments and questions.

The on-demand content will be available on the Brella platform for a week post-event. After this, you will be provided with a link where the content can be accessed from the MRO BEER website.